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Water Systems

The potable water system can provide up to 100,000 gallons per day.  Higher withdrawal rates are possible depending on the use.  The storage tank capacity is 80,000 gallons. A water reuse system recycles 30% of the wastewater and stores it in a 120,000 gallon tank to be used for non potable uses.

The water system consists of redundant well systems, storage tanks, pump stations and water infrastructure throughout the park with service available at the property line of each lot along interior roadways.  In addition to the permitted 100,000 gallons per day capacity, the water reuse system can add additional capacity, up to 30%, depending on the manufaturing process.   The Sterling Business & Technology Park can also connect tenants with a expert in water recycling systems that can reclaim water from most processes reducing overall water usage.  In many cases, these systems can be implemented with little or no upfront capital costs.